Man observing that nights are drawing in thinks nobody else has noticed

A MAN who keeps commenting on the darker evenings does not understand that everyone else is trying to ignore it.

34-year-old skateboarder wows high street

A GROWN man has wowed onlookers by skateboarding down a high street and doing some sort of flip that didn’t come off.

Couple certain they are better than all other couples

TWO people in a relationship are convinced that they are the best couple.

Drunk Scottish friend's text 'possibly paragraph from Irvine Welsh novel'

A SCOTSMAN has sent a drunken text to his friend that may or may not be a passage from an Irvine Welsh novel.

Woman wants children before all the good baby names are taken 

A WOMAN has revealed she wants to have children before her friends take all the good baby names.

Scratch cards considered dessert in Hull

SCRATCH cards are considered the perfect dessert after a nice meal in Hull, it has emerged.

Parents now counting down every millisecond until child returns to school

THE parents of an nine-year-old are spending the last weekend of the summer holidays watching a digital clock count down to 9am on Monday.

Office has strange definition of ‘work hard, play hard’

A GROUP of colleagues who claim to work hard and play hard do not appear to do either, it has emerged.