Man thinks anything he doesn’t understand must be easy

A MAN’S simple-minded ignorance has left him convinced that everything from teaching to programming a computer is easy.

Mum claims to get mistaken for daughter although that is clearly bollocks

A 46-YEAR-OLD woman who claims people regularly mistake her for her 22-year-old daughter is clearly lying.

Ministers hopeful that pension age rise will finish you off

THE government is hoping to finish you off early by raising the state pension age, it has been claimed.

Bubble tea literally the spawn of the devil

BUBBLE tea containing mysterious ‘chewy pearls’ is the actual product of Lucifer’s evil loins, it has been confirmed.

Kids interchangeable

MOST parents would not notice if their kids were swapped for some other kids, it has emerged.

Getting thrown off plane ‘worth it to avoid stag weekend’

BEING imprisoned and heavily fined is better than going on a stag weekend, it has been claimed.

Happiness peaks at 70 ‘when you stop giving a shit’

PEOPLE become happiest aged 70 when other people's opinions cease to matter, it has emerged.

Wetherspoon Sunday roast was family’s last shred of respectability

A FAMILY has gone feral after learning that Wetherspoon pubs will no longer serve roast dinners.