Nobody sure why men showing their ankles

THERE is widespread confusion over men's decision to start displaying their ankles, it has emerged.

Northerners and Southerners to settle differences with massive fight

THE North and South of Britain are to settle their grudges once and for all with a huge fist fight in neutral Birmingham.

Who should you blame when you've massively failed at life?

HAVE you totally bollocksed your life up? Don’t worry, there’s loads of stuff you can blame for your mistakes! Read our guide and feel a whole lot better about yourself.

Oh f**k, it's wedding season, man realises

A MAN has realised it is June shortly followed by July which means he will have to go to loads of fucking weddings.

Man who claims to be a Luddite actually more of a gobshite

A MAN who claims to be 'a bit of a Luddite' is actually more a gobshite, it has emerged.

Summer half-term 'a taste of true horror to come'

THE summer half-term break has provided parents with an insight into the horror show of looking after their children for a full six weeks.

Lottery winner blows it all on week at Center Parcs

A MAN who won £5.3 million in last week’s National Lottery has spent the lot taking himself and his family for a week in a Nottingham Center Parcs. 

Blood drains from man's face as he realises this is a vegan cafe

A MAN queuing at a cafe has realised too late that it only sells vegan things which taste unpleasant.