Couple convinced they are living downstairs from a pissed shire horse

A COUPLE believe they must be living below a massive, unemployed shire horse that is permanently drunk.

Woman takes punt on answering ‘yes’ to question she didn't hear

A WOMAN has taken a punt on saying ‘yes’ to a question that she completely missed.

Woman confuses ‘feminism’ with ‘talking about herself a lot’

A WOMAN believes feminism is about endlessly discussing her problems from a vaguely female perspective.

Grammar pedant who made one mistake will never regain moral high ground

A SELF-confessed ‘grammar Nazi’ has forever lost the right to correct others after misusing an apostrophe one time.

Women only multi-task because no other bugger does anything

WOMEN are forced to do at least six things at a time because no one else actually does anything, it has been confirmed.

Elderly parents worried about some bullshit on the radio again

A WOMAN is becoming increasingly annoyed by her parents believing every bit of nonsense they hear on the radio.

Man declares himself a hero for attending women's march

A MAN who went on the March 4 Women has confirmed he is heroic.

British Council of Boy Racers to decide if Mazdas are cool

BRITAIN’S highest-ranking boy racer council will this weekend decide whether Mazdas are cool.