Flying Scotsman harks back to ‘golden age’ before all this internet bullshit

THE return of the Flying Scotsman has reminded Britain of a simpler time before the internet ruined everything.

Man nodding head to cafe music to show that he really gets it

A 26-YEAR-OLD man is nodding along to the music in a cafe so that others can see how he really gets it.

Father pissed off he can't swear in front of toddler any more

THE father of a two-year-old has admitted wiping away tears after realising his son is no longer oblivious to his foul language.

Stoners adopt 'designated talker' system

WEED lovers are trialling a system whereby one person in the group remains capable of communicating, they have announced.

‘Very honest’ woman actually just horrible

A 29-YEAR-OLD woman who claims to be very honest and upfront with people is really just horrible, it has emerged.

Man sponsored to do thing he would have done anyway

A MAN has raised sponsorship money to basically go on holiday, it has emerged.

Woman shocked to discover husband is a twat

A 31-YEAR-OLD woman has been traumatised by the discovery that her husband is a bit of a twat.

Woman won’t let frostbite stop her wearing Converse

A WOMAN has vowed that she will wear thin-soled canvas trainers through the depths of winter no matter what the cost.