Regional businessman get their own acting school

A PROVINCIAL businessman acting school is grooming the next generation of training video and local cinema advert stars.  

Speed cameras 'better than tax'

THE government is being encouraged to use speed cameras as a revenue stream, because that would be better than paying tax.

Gyms return to serene emptiness

BRITAIN'S gyms have again become places of calm and spirituality, undisturbed by the general public.

Maplin is where men meet for sex

ELECTRICAL goods specialist Maplin is a front for cottaging, it has emerged.

Outdoors not as good as indoors

AVOID ever going outside, experts have warned.

Afterlife 'bins day is Tuesday'

A MAN who had a near-death experience has returned with a refreshingly detailed account of the afterlife.

London twat drain great for provinces

PROVINCIAL cities have hailed the capital’s boom in knobhead jobs as the best thing that's ever happened to them.

Alpha male 'just a thing some men think they are'

MEN who believe they are alpha males are deluded, it has emerged.