Orgreave miners to be prosecuted for holding grudge

MINERS involved in the Battle of Orgreave are to be charged with not letting it go.

Hammock incredibly stressful

A MAN who used a hammock has described it as the least relaxing experience of his life.

Office workers visiting the bathroom just for something to do

MOST office toilet breaks are merely for the sake of variety, it has emerged.

Working-class grannies requisitioned by middle-class households

LOVING working-class grandparents are to be reassigned to cold, ambitious middle-class families in dire need of them.

Parents’ evening fails to establish who is to blame for child

NOBODY is any the wiser as to why 11-year-old Wayne Hayes is a little shit after a parents’ evening at his school.

Man with ‘eclectic’ musical taste unable to name single artist he likes

A MAN claiming to appreciate a wide range of music has been unable to name a specific act or album that he likes.

Youth gangs warring over best streaming service

GANGS wearing the colours of Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify and Tidal are battling for supremacy on the streets.

Wales bans e-cigarettes because they are not manly

E-CIGARETTES have been banned in Wales as part of a crackdown on things that compromise masculinity.