Mum horrified by internet hoax from 2008

A MUM has reacted with shock and disgust to a photo that everyone else realised was a hoax eight years ago, it has emerged.

Backpacker denies responsibility for rucksack’s actions

A TOURIST claims his rucksack acted independently when it smashed into the faces of fellow passengers on a crowded train.

Controlling psycho has problem with boyfriend getting wasted every night

A NIGHTMARE psycho bitch won’t let her boyfriend get hammered every night, his friends have confirmed.

Couple pretending they met online so they don’t seem weird

A COUPLE who met in a pub are telling everyone they got together online so as not to seem like social misfits.

Train strike leaves commuters with roughly the same chance of getting to work

A TRAIN strike has left commuters with about the same chance of getting to work as usual.

Woman replying to Facebook invite makes point of saying she's on holiday

A WOMAN has made sure to mention that she'll be on holiday when answering a friends event invite on Facebook.

Man who’d never heard of blue passports until yesterday now demanding one

A 22-YEAR-OLD man who first heard about blue British passports in yesterday’s Sun is now demanding one as his patriotic right.

Man humiliated by better guitarist playing his guitar

A PARTY has ended in humiliation for the host after a much better musician picked up his guitar.