Woman unveils plan to lose her shit in Primark

A WOMAN has outlined her plans to really lose her shit with people when trying to get out of Primark this weekend.

Couple face another weekend of pretending to like other people's children

A CHILDLESS couple are to spend a long weekend pretending they enjoy the company of their friends’ children.

Board game night turns weird, then ugly

A NIGHT of board gaming exposed to friends to how weird and, ultimately, how unpleasant they all actually are.

Child of mummy blogger wondering what he did wrong

THE seven-year-old son of a mummy blogger has discovered the thousands of words written about him and is wondering if it is his fault.

Pub where ‘everyone looks out for each other’ horribly violent

REGULARS at a pub that values community spirit above all beat the shit out of each other most nights, they have confirmed.

Dungeons & Dragons player might stop mentioning it on dates

A KEEN role-player is beginning to wonder if there is a connection between his romantic failures and his interest in Dungeons & Dragons.

Homeworker suffering workplace bullying from cat

A WOMAN working from home has found herself being bullied in the workplace by her cat.

Man thinks playing guitar makes up for his awful personality 

A MAN has insisted his ability to play the guitar more than makes up for this utterly dreadful personality.