Parents who dress kids in trendy clothes confirmed as worst people on planet

PEOPLE who dress their infant children in designer clothes are unimaginably awful, it has been confirmed.

Guests reminded that fairly shit meal took ages to cook

A DINNER party host has explained how a bland meal took a ridiculous amount of time to cook.

Generous act roundly condemned

A MAN who tried to help someone has been comprehensively mocked and criticised for it.

Woman completes ‘colouring in’ book then burns it in garden

A 32-YEAR-OLD woman has coloured in a book of pictures, then had a moment of clarity and burned it.

Richest one per cent have 99 per cent of the world's dark secrets

THE world’s wealthiest one per cent also have most of the dark, messed-up secrets, it has emerged.

Toddler strangely not into pub

A COUPLE are baffled as to why their three-year-old child did not enjoy a trip to the pub.

Half-a-million primary school pupils taught in single class

APPROXIMATELY 500,000 six-year-olds are being taught in a single class by a harassed and distracted teacher.

Entire nation standing far too close to the radiator

EVERYONE in Britain is standing so close to the radiator that it hurts.