Man with big holes in his ears desperate for your approval

A MAN who has made large holes in his ears is absolutely desperate for your approval.

Dads doing unnecessary things with cars

BRITAIN’S dads are constantly doing unnecessary things to their cars, it has emerged.

Middle class English people acting a bit Scottish

ENGLISH Guardian readers are pretending to like Scottish culture, food and drinking habits.

Woman with wheelie case leaves trail of destruction in her wake

24 PEOPLE have been hospitalised by an ignorant person's wheelie case.

Most firemen not particularly handsome

THE majority of firefighters are pretty average looking, it has emerged.

Parents who dress kids in trendy clothes confirmed as worst people on planet

PEOPLE who dress their infant children is designer clothes are unimaginably awful, it has been confirmed.

Guests reminded that fairly shit meal took ages to cook

A DINNER party host has explained how a bland meal took a ridiculous amount of time to cook.

Generous act roundly condemned

A MAN who tried to help someone has been comprehensively mocked and criticised for it.