Deluded individual has sense of loyalty to employer

WAREHOUSE worker Tom Booker has expressed a puzzling degree of loyalty to his employer.

Man with new trainers terrified of filthy world

A MAN who has bought new trainers can no longer leave the house for fear of what might happen to them.

Workers advised to overpower boss and take the money

BRITISH workers in need of a pay rise could simply take it by force, it has been claimed.

Magna Carta gives England back to France

HISTORIANS are studying an edition of the Magna Carta that makes England French property from June.

Think pieces ‘better than action’

WRITING 900 words about injustice for a broadsheet newspaper is more effective than getting off your arse and doing something about it, it has been claimed.

Servants' quarters counted as social housing

A LONDON development has included below-stairs maids' rooms as its quota of social housing.

Fake nice people worse than authentic bastards

PEOPLE who pretend to be nice are worse than those who are openly unpleasant, it has emerged.

Nuns to teach Tristram Hunt that he’s dirty and wrong

CATHOLIC nuns have pledged to teach Tristram Hunt that he is a dirty boy who makes Jesus angry.