Alarming rise in number of local 'characters'

THERE has been a worrying increase in the number of annoying local eccentrics across the UK.

How are you being a twat in the supermarket?

WE all love going to the supermarket, but are you doing all you can to annoy other shoppers? Read our guide and find out.

Property developer slides down large snake to end up back at home with his parents

A MAN who nearly reached the top of the London property ladder is back at his parents’ after sliding down an enormous snake.

Pregnant woman launches 'Don't F**k In Autumn' campaign

A PREGNANT woman struggling to deal with the heat is spearheading a ‘Don’t F**k In Autumn’ campaign to save others from suffering like she is.

Nation laments start of Crocs season

THE UK is lamenting the start of Crocs season.

Woman panics after discovering hairdressers don't swear oath of secrecy

A WOMAN is panicking after finding out that her hairdresser is under no legal or ethical obligation to keep their conversations confidential.

Everyone wondering if man with flowers is old-school romantic or cheating shitbag

A MAN carrying flowers has prompted speculation about whether he is a sensitive romantic or a lying, cheating sack of shit.

Woman who already pressed button at crossing annoyed at other woman pressing it

A WOMAN who already pressed the crossing button is annoyed at a second woman for pressing it again.