Man has strange need to undermine homelessness

A MAN has a strange desire to downplay homelessness whenever it is mentioned, it has emerged.

Everyone in WhatsApp group beginning to despise each other

COLLEAGUES in a WhatsApp group have begun to hate one another with a burning passion.

Loser with women bluffing his way through mate's break-up

A MAN with very little experience of relationships is really having to wing it as he helps a friend through a painful break-up.

People over 30 can still remember when Facebook was even vaguely interesting

PEOPLE over 30 can still remember when Facebook was not something you constantly want to escape because it is shit.

Indicating at roundabouts is for total losers, claims twat

A MAN who does not indicate at roundabouts thinks he is a carefree pirate of the road rather than a cretin, it has been confirmed.

Woman cheating on husband with video of Tom Hardy reading children's stories

A WOMAN has admitted to cheating on her husband with a video of Tom Hardy reading the Bedtime Story on CBeebies.

On-the-spot fines for f**kers who don't buy their round

SNEAKY fuckers who do not get their round in face an £80 on-the-spot fine, it has been confirmed.

Woman’s friends dutifully say ‘wow’ about engagement ring

A WOMAN’S friends have all faked amazement at her engagement ring despite having no idea whether it is impressive.