We just don't think about the weird bits of the Bible, admit Christians

CHRISTIANS avoid doubts about the implausible parts of their faith by simply not thinking about them, they have revealed.

Couple believe they are totally unlike other couples

A NEW couple have congratulated themselves on having a totally unique bond that is quite unlike any relationship that has previously existed.

Man with wife and kids has photo of dog as screensaver

A MAN with a wife and children has chosen a photo of his beloved dog for his phone screensaver.

Little piggy who stayed at home has benefits stopped

THE little piggy who stayed at home has had his Universal Credit benefits stopped, it has been confirmed.

Facebook refusing to offer relationship status of 'married to the sea'

FACEBOOK is still refusing to offer its users the relationship status of being 'married to the sea', it has been confirmed.

Middle-aged men reminisce about all the drugs they used to take

A GROUP of middle-aged dads are to spend an evening remembering just how off their tits they got in their younger years.

Families taking term-time holidays face not being able to show off about it

FAMILIES who take term-time holidays risk a fine if they show off about it on social media, it has been confirmed.

Man in favour of pre-decimal currency too thick to use it

A MAN who wants to return to pre-decimal currency after Brexit is too thick to understand the confusing system, it has emerged.