Babies turn into dickheads at 4pm

BABIES who have been perfectly happy all day, turn into utter shits between 4pm and 6pm, it has been confirmed.

Woman who 'doesn't want to butt in' manages to

A WOMAN who ‘really doesn’t want to get involved’ in someone else’s argument has managed to find a way of doing so.

Idiot carefully explains why hen parties are just like the World Darts Championship

AN IDIOT has set out his theory of why hen parties are just as sexist as the World Darts Championship.

Mother-in-law a 'fascist nightmare on gak' until babysitter needed

A WOMAN'S mother-in-law is basically a Nazi on speed until the babysitter cancels and a quick replacement is needed, it has been confirmed.

'Funny' friend in group actually just very loud

The 'funniest' one in a group of friends is actually just being much louder than everyone else, it has been confirmed.

Northern cafes compete over most disgusting sounding breakfast

LOCAL cafes in the North of England are competing over who has the most revolting sounding breakfast.

Woman realises her entire romantic life has been making herself laugh in front of boring men

A WOMAN has realised her entire love life has just been her enjoying her own company in front of a succession of tedious men.

Woman sure that drunkenly trimming her own fringe will end well

A WOMAN has made the drunken decision that she can trim her own fringe just as well as any fancy hairdresser.