Woman clearly only into naked charity stunt because she's fit

AN attractive show-off is forcing her less sexy colleagues to do a naked charity stunt, it has emerged.  

Do you have strong opinions on things you know jack shit about?

ARE you a tiresome fucker with strong opinions on everything from higher education to pet care, despite knowing nothing about them? Take our quiz and find out.

I would definitely spend this free ten grand on sensible shit, says 24-year-old

A 24-YEAR-OLD has applauded a new plan to give her £10,000 and promised not to waste it on drugs, holidays, and drugs on holiday.

Social event organised without creating f**king Whatsapp group

A DRINK at a local pub has been arranged without being discussed at length via a moronic Whatsapp group.

Couple only see friends so they can slag them off afterwards

A COUPLE only see their friends so they can slag them off on the drive home, they have admitted.

Woman who 'speaks as she finds' could also 'shut the f**k up'

A WOMAN does not actually have to give her candid opinion in a blunt and tactless way, it has emerged.

Britons only able to let go emotionally when barmaid breaks a glass

BRITONS are only able to express their true emotional state when a pub worker drops a tray of glasses, it has been confirmed.

Child who wanted pet given fish instead

A FOUR-YEAR-OLD who wanted a pet has been bought a goldfish as a stop-gap measure.