Corbyn supporter unveils plan to get over himself

A CORBYN fan has announced plans to get over how amazingly right he was within the next 18 months.

Single mum excited that austerity over and good times now rolling

A SINGLE mother is celebrating the end of austerity and is excited for the fun times ahead.

Family keeps congratulating itself on Facebook for some reason

MEMBERS of a family keep giving each other praise for basically just existing.

Couple's attempt to invent pet names for each other a collosal f**k up

A NEW couple have experimented with quirky pet names for each other that are absolutely dreadful.

Britain to continue in normal state of ridiculous incompetence

BRITONS are relieved to discover that life will continue in its everyday state of raging incompetence and chaos.

Parents being weirdly nice to 16-24 year olds

PARENTS of young adults across Britain have been acting sheepishly this week, it has been confirmed.

Passive-aggressive mum excited to become judgmental nan

A MUM with passive aggressive tendencies has become a nan who will constantly judge her daughter's parenting.

People enjoying themselves really ruining it for everyone

A GROUP talking and laughing in a restaurant is making everyone else's meal a living hell, it has emerged.