Uncovered nipples on rampage of destruction

AN army of uncovered nipples is wreaking havoc across Britain.

Awkward silence at breakfast as father tells teenage daughter to ‘man the f**k up’

A FATHER has stunned his family by suggesting his daughter 'get a sense of frigging perspective' after a pop group split up.

Man determined to buy cushions

A MAN has committed himself to buying some cushions from a shop, regardless of public opinion.

Couple on first date really over doing their body language

A COUPLE on a first date are really over doing their body language signals, it has emerged.

Part-time smoker's attempt at roll up an ‘abomination’

A SOCIAL smoker's attempt at making a rolled up cigarette has been classed an ‘abomination’ by all who saw it.

Optimistic father gives Black and Decker Workmate to 29-year-old son

A MAN has given a Black and Decker Workmate to his son in a desperate bid to stop him being so pathetic.

All state schools should be Nandos, says Cameron

DAVID Cameron wants state schools to offer a fast-casual educational experience inspired by the traditions of Mozambique.

Man sticking with hipster look because he passionately believes in values of hipsterism

A 28-YEAR-OLD man is staying with the tired ‘hipster’ look because he is passionate about the values of the hipster movement.