Soft top owners set for three days of year when it's not a total waste of money

BRITAIN'S convertible owners are set to enjoy the 72 hour annual period where they do not feel idiotic for buying it.

Birmingham named UK’s most laughable city

BIRMINGHAM has taken the title of Britain’s most amusing city for the 10th year running.

Bus drivers secretly hate their job

BUS drivers have admitted that, despite their cheerful, happy-go-lucky demeanours, they do not actually enjoy their work.

Boss believes he’s not a prick outside of work

A MANAGER is under the impression that outside of work he somehow stops being a prick.

Offline social networking service called ‘pub’ launched

A MIDDLE-AGED visionary has launched an offline service called ‘pub’, which allows friends to interact in a building.

Estate agents to let buyers fight to the death

POTENTIAL homebuyers are being invited to murder their rivals, it has emerged.

Claiming benefits should be like base jumping, says Cameron

CLAIMING benefits should be like leaping off a tall building, David Cameron has claimed.

Universities full of people who want to impress Alan Sugar

UNIVERSITY is poor value for money unless you are the sort of person who thinks Alan Sugar is exciting, it has been claimed.