Dogs condemn microchipping as 'Orwellian'

MANDATORY microchipping is a serious erosion of civil liberties, according to dogs.

Gay couples win right to quote 'Captain Corelli's Mandolin'

BRITAIN'S gay couples have taken another step towards being able to quote that bit from Captain Corelli's Mandolin about volcanoes.

Secret of successful relationship is getting pissed together

COUPLES who share regular marathon drinking sessions are more likely to stay together, it has been claimed.

Richard III to pick up where he left off

THE skeleton of Richard III has vowed to re-boot the Wars of the Roses and slaughter his rivals to the throne.

Prisoners freed from London Dungeon

FORMER inmates of Britain's toughest prison, the London Dungeon, have described being kept in deliberately horror-themed conditions.

Britain could move to a one-day week if everyone stopped dicking around

BRITISH workers could enjoy six days off per week if they could manage a single day of uninterrupted work, it has been claimed.

Customer feedback suggests customers want to be left the f*ck alone

CONSUMERS hate being constantly asked for feedback, according to feedback data.