Couple pretending they met online so they don’t seem weird

A COUPLE who met in a pub are telling everyone they got together online so as not to seem like social misfits.

Train strike leaves commuters with roughly the same chance of getting to work

A TRAIN strike has left commuters with about the same chance of getting to work as usual.

Woman replying to Facebook invite makes point of saying she's on holiday

A WOMAN has made sure to mention that she'll be on holiday when answering a friends event invite on Facebook.

Man who had never heard of blue passports until today now demanding one

A 22-YEAR-OLD man who first heard about blue British passports in today’s Sun is now demanding one as his patriotic right.

Man humiliated by better guitarist playing his guitar

A PARTY has ended in humiliation for the host after a much better musician picked up his guitar.

Woman who claims to be ‘devil’s advocate’ just deliberately annoying

A WOMAN who claimed to take a controversial position to stimulate debate is actually just annoying, it has been confirmed.

Gumtree landlords to take an 'Are you a f**king maniac?' test 

PEOPLE renting out properties on Gumtree are to be made to take a test to determine whether not they are maniacs.

Man unveils plan to burn the crap out of a pizza at 3am 

A MAN has announced he will be arriving home drunk around three in the morning and then burning the shit out of a frozen pizza.