Airport sniffer dog demands power to confiscate delicious meat products

A SNIFFER dog has demanded new powers to seize sausages, biscuits and other snack foods.

Tax scandal reminds man that it would be nice to have a job

THE offshore tax avoidance scandal has reminded a man that earning enough money to pay tax would be quite nice.

Man lying about living in London

A MAN is point-blank lying about being 'London based’.

People who want to get on train angry at people who want to get off

RAIL commuters cannot see why they should let other people off the train first, they have confirmed.

Woman on Facebook wants everyone to know she is so blah blah blah

MARY Fisher has taken to Facebook to let everyone know that she is just really blah blah blah right now.

Inset day designed to push parents to limit of mental strength

A SCHOOL that added an extra day onto the end of the Easter holidays did it because they enjoy torturing parents, it has emerged.

‘The Hipster’ now a wrestling character

THERE is a character called The Hipster on the provincial wrestling circuit, it has emerged.

Parents who listen to child discover he is a f**kwit

A COUPLE who dutifully listen to their six-year-old son have reached the conclusion that he is a complete idiot.