Pupils ‘must learn workplace bullshit’

GCSE pupils should learn the superfluous bullshit needed for the modern workplace, according to employers.

Britain best in Europe at taking drugs

BRITAIN is the best country in Europe at getting toasted, according to new research.

Freshers working hard on ridiculous personas

TEENAGERS about to start university are developing absurd new personalities in an attempt to seem interesting.

Energy bills to clearly state how you're being exploited

NEW rules require all energy bills to explain how customers are being ripped off.

Being a chef actually pretty easy

BEING a chef is not as nearly gruelling as chefs claim.

Most Britons strongly opposed to thinking about war

THE majority of Britons are against thinking about a new war in the Middle East.

Office staff pretend manual worker is invisible

DESK staff at a Swindon company have studiously ignored a maintenance man.