McDonald's buys rights to 'summer babies'

BABIES born in summer will be handed over to McDonald's when they reach 13 years of age.

Savile's relationship with police 'only looked horribly corrupt'

JIMMY Savile's relationship with West Yorkshire Police could have seemed corrupt to the untrained eye, according to an official report.

64% of driving favours totally unacknowledged

IF you reverse to let another driver pass they will probably not even wave, it has emerged.

Ludicrous medieval pantomime may explain UK’s problems

THE unbelievably ridiculous state opening of Parliament may offer a clue as to why the UK has problems, experts have claimed.

Britain now stupid enough to emulate Kerry Katona

BRITAIN'S average intellect is now so low that Kerry Katona could be seen as a role model.

Festivalgoers rebelling against self-esteem

PERSONAL dignity is now the top thing to rebel against at music festivals.

Primark bans attractive people

BUDGET clothing giant Primark has banned good-looking people from its shops.