Idiot toffs inadvertently end gun culture

URBAN gun culture is officially over after some red trouser-type dickhead waved a fake pistol around.

Titanic passengers 'had feet'

TRAGIC passengers aboard the doomed Titanic wore shoes, new photos have revealed.


MX-5 drivers convinced they look cool

OWNERS of Mazda's popular affordable roadster are certain they attract admiring glances, it has been claimed.

Rich people help poor people to help rich people, say rich people

CHARITABLE donations are one of the best ways rich people can help rich people to help themselves, according to new research.

Mass zombie attack would seem boring and cliched

AN uprising by the 'living dead' would succeed because everyone is already so bored of that kind of thing, it has been claimed.

'I'm shocked, shocked to find that tax avoidance is going on in here!'

CAPTAIN George Osborne has ordered the closure of Rick's Tax Avoidance Cafe Americain.

Dawkins crucifies velociraptor in Bishop of Southwark’s garden

PROFESSOR Richard Dawkins has crucified a plastic dinosaur in a bishop's garden during a seven-hour rampage.

Ignoring of hosepipe ban begins

EVEN Britons without lawns have begun using hosepipes as the determination to disregard a ban has kicked in.