Drinking alcohol 'is cheapest way to feel warm'

AS energy costs spiral, householders are relying on alcohol to get a warm feeling.

Most things are viral ads

MOST events, objects and people are actually some sort of viral advertisement, it has emerged.

Census 'confirms only seven white people left in Britain'

THE number of white people in Britain has reached an all-time low of seven, it has been claimed.

New law 'would make newspapers obey law'

NEW legal measures would make it illegal for newspapers to break the law.

Hugely important decision taken without Gmail users

A MASSIVELY important thing was decided yesterday while Gmail users were offline.

Savile police unveil Christmas Eve cliffhanger

DETECTIVES investigating the Jimmy Savile scandal have promised a cliffhanger arrest on Christmas Eve.

Our kids aren't taking enough drugs, say rave parents

PARENTS who experienced rave culture are increasingly concerned about their children's low intake of Class A drugs.