'Legacy' launched as a verb

THE word legacy is now a verb, the government body tasked with re-actioning the English language has announced.

Olympics inspires UK to watch television

AS the Olympics nears its close, many Britons say the tournament has inspired them to experience more television.

Men celebrate exclusion from soft play centres

FATHERS are ecstatic at the arrival of soft play centres that they are not allowed into.

Bank of England becomes Bank of China

SIR Mervyn King is to start reporting on the Chinese economy in a bid to deliver some good news for a change.

Nutella shortage triggers Olympic Village riots

THE riots within the Olympic village have entered their second day as authorities struggle to meet European athletes' huge demands for Nutella.

Eton's boys 'empowered' by Olympics rowing success

THE victories of British rowers at Eton's rowing centre has convinced the college's largely disaffected pupils that they too can make a success of themselves.

New Year's Honours ceremony moved to the O2

THE New Year’s Honours ceremony will be held in London’s O2 Arena to handle the sheer volume of recipients, Buckingham Palace has confirmed.

Closing ceremony to showcase least pleasant aspects of Britain

IN a bid to ensure international visitors don't outstay their welcome, the Olympics closing ceremony will feature the fighting and vomiting aspects of the UK.