University a waste of time, according to bitter people

GETTING a degree is a complete waste of time, according to people full of regret about not going to university.

Children a massive scam dreamt up by shops

CHILDREN are an elaborate scam created by retailers and costing an average of £150,000.

Pretending to be hard now a job

THE government is to reduce youth unemployment by making pretending to be hard an actual job.

Plain-looking students' exam success goes undocumented

STUDENTS who fall outside the bracket of 'nubile sexy girls' may or may not have gotten good A Level results.

Near death experience gets contemporary makeover

GOD has updated the 'near death experience' for the first time since the 70s.

Woman tells sad story then has photo taken on park bench

A WOMAN has revealed her anguish, heartbreak and anger before posing on a park bench.