Men losing interest in breasts

THE seemingly endless Kate Middleton topless saga is making men bored with breasts, it has emerged.

World’s wisest man found on internet

A MAN who understands everything has been discovered thanks to his repeated posts on the online comment sections of national newspapers.

A Freshers' Guide to Choosing the Right Bong

AS the new university term starts, there are hundreds of water pipes to choose from - but which is right for you?

New exam system cannot possibly fail

A NEW exam system is destined for greatness after both Nick Clegg and Michael Gove agreed it was a good idea.

34% of personalities entirely hat-based

THE number of people who are distinguishable only by a hat they wear has risen dramatically.

Religion still being taken seriously

RELIGION is still being taken seriously by billions of people, according to new research.

80s free school launched

A RETRO fanatic has set up a free school providing a traditional 1980s education.

If you need me I'll be in the pub, Charles tells Queen

PRINCE Charles has instructed his mother that he intends to wait out his days as heir to the throne in the pub.