Bad advice more popular than ever

A BOOK advising married women to have affairs has sparked renewed interest in really bad advice.

Tube to introduce ‘racists only’ carriages

LONDON Underground is to introduce special carriages where racists can share their hatred on the way to work.

Children should read novels we defaced with cartoon penises, say parents

PARENTS want their children to be force fed the classics of English literature until it makes them seriously ill, a survey has shown.

Prince Philip leaves hospital to make rape comment

PRINCE Philip has discharged himself from hospital so he can be the latest person to say something hellish about rape.

Cardinal stops using letters G, A and Y

BRITAIN'S biggest Catholic has confirmed he will no longer use any of the letters in the word 'gay'.

A Level students '20% less fit' than last year

THIS year’s crop of young, predominantly female, students pictured celebrating their A Levels is up to 20% less attractive than last year's, it has been claimed.

Parents praying their kids haven't succeeded at A Levels

AS A-Level results are released, Britain's parents are hoping their children didn't screw up their retirement plans by getting into university.

Samsung tops list of baby names

A STUDY of baby names has highlighted the trend for naming children after popular brands.