Who am I to judge the Pope, says gay man

A GAY man has said that although Pope-ish acts are bad, a Pope-ish orientation is not.

Ant Day declared a national holiday

BRITAIN has a new ant-based national holiday.

Church of England 'an enormous waste of everyone's time'

THE Church of England is a huge and utter waste of the time of everyone involved, it has been confirmed.

Areas without mobile reception rebranded 'trivia mystery zones'

REGIONS with poor phone coverage are being marketed to couples that enjoy debating trivia.

Archbishop admits he hasn't read bit in Bible about moneylenders

THE Archbishop of Canterbury has admitted that the Bible story of Jesus and the moneylenders is still on his 'to-do' list.

New app helps straight people meet gay friends

A NEW app for smartphones helps straight men and women identify gay people who are willing to be friends with them.

Words 'Royal' and 'baby' only acceptable in potato context

BRITONS have been told to stop using the words 'Royal' and 'baby', to avoid destroying them by overuse.