Welfare reforms aimed at Frank Gallagher

THE government’s welfare cuts are targeted at the fictional character Frank Gallagher.

Iain Duncan Smith's £53 a week diary

Wednesday: Woke up to see a big dog on pavement. Remained indoors.

Are you being persecuted?

The Daily Mash presents a simple questionnaire to help you work out how persecuted you are.

Britain to worship massive baby

THE birth of a 15-and-a-half pound baby heralds a golden age of plenty.

What's a website? ask Telegraph readers

PEOPLE who buy the Telegraph are demanding to have the words 'paywall', 'website' and 'internet' explained to them.

Internet addicts could be weaned onto drugs

BRITAIN'S millions of internet addicts could be weaned onto less damaging drugs like LSD and ecstasy.

Parents threaten children with Eddie Mair

PARENTS have told children who misbehave that they will have to answer to Eddie Mair.