Getting angry at traffic jams makes them go away

SHOUTING obscenities while punching the dashboard during traffic jams makes them disappear, according to new research.

Government sexual health adviser to be hatchet-faced old bag

BRITAIN'S sexual health policy will be decided by 68-year-old spinster Margaret Gerving.

Lawyers to offer cut price super-injunctions

LAWYERS have been forced to cut the price of super-injunctions by up to 75 per cent after it emerged they do not really work.

Biblical apocalypse leaves much of Britain unchanged

THE End of Days has brought death, demons and pestilence to the planet, leaving many mid-sized UK towns the same or slightly better.

Vatican blames abuse on 60s culture of free paedophilic love

CHILD-abusing priests got carried away by the freewheeling 'paedo power' culture of the 1960s, according to the Vatican.

Fresh squeeze on showing-off money

SOARING living costs are forcing middle-class families to cut back on the things they think make them look cool, according to new data.

Hunky, shirtless handymen still being judged by their looks

RUGGED, pop-drinking manual workers with no tops believe sexism is rife in the workplace, a study has found.

E-readers 'a threat to impressive-looking bookshelves'

ELECTRONIC reading devices are not as good as real books for making you look clever, it was claimed last night.