Experts warn of toast sandwich envy

BRITAIN could soon be torn apart by toast sandwich envy, it has been claimed.

Amount of alcohol thrown away by UK homes remains at zero

THE average British household is wasting no alcohol, according to new research.

John Lewis kid's gift to parents is list of ways they disappoint him

THE huge box the child in the John Lewis advert hands to his parents contains a detailed breakdown of how they have failed him, it has emerged.

Internet misogynists given chance to meet a woman

A GROUP of online trolls have been introduced to an actual woman for the first time, it has emerged.

Baking craze fuelling trade in illegal cake ingredients

THE current mania for home baking is fuelling a thriving black market in scarce ingredients, it has emerged.

Men growing nasal hair for 'Nosevember'

CHARITY phenomenon Nosevember has launched, with thousands of men grooming their nostril hairs in funny and eccentric ways.

11-11-11 apocalypse coming together perfectly

ECONOMIC collapse, nuclear brinksmanship and an asteroid are signs that tomorrow's end of days is shaping up well, it has been claimed.

Threat of nuclear war 'pleasantly nostalgic'

THE possibility of nuclear conflict in the Middle East has evoked warm fuzzy memories among those who were kids during the Cold War.