Amazon workers competing to pack smallest thing in most gratuitously large box

WAREHOUSE staff at Amazon have an ongoing competition based on packing small items in extravagantly large boxes.

Woman thinks man is her friend

A 29-YEAR-OLD woman believes that a man with whom she regularly socialises is her friend.

Men under increasing pressure to have a craft ale brewery

MANY men are struggling with social pressure to have their own brewery selling imaginatively named beers, it has emerged.

Students reminded their degrees have no actual value

NEW graduates have been told that their degree certificate is only valuable in a figurative sense.

Secret of happy marriage 'is to live entirely separate lives'

A COUPLE who have been married for 60 years say the secret of their success is to have no contact with each other whatsoever.

Crossrail tunnel already smells of urine

THE newly-completed Crossrail tunnel across London already carries a whiff of urine.

Under-10s mostly Nazis

YOUNG children are the most fascist group in Britain, with pensioners a distant second, it has emerged.

Lovers attaching garage doors to bridges

COUPLES are pledging their devotion to each other by placing double up-and-over garage doors at romantic bridges.