'Drinksitting' to become a legitimate weekend activity

SITTING in front of the television getting arseholed is to be considered a 'proper' weekend pursuit.

Britain's potholes now a tourist attraction

THE impressive holes in Britain's road have become a draw for foreign tourists.

UK violence falls below acceptable levels

BRITAIN is in danger of going soft, experts have warned.

'Stacked bungalows' to solve housing shortage

MORE one-bedroom houses are to be built, in the form of stacked bungalows.

Hair malnourishment reaching crisis levels

ONE in three people are going without basic pro-Fructinol F5 nutrients for their hair, say researchers.

Crack Day ‘less chilled’ than Weed Day

NATIONAL Crack Day was a less relaxing experience than National Weed Day, it has been claimed.

Cameraphone footage shows pleasant chat on tube

AN unidentified woman has been filmed amiably conversing with a stranger on London public transport.

Broken dreamcatcher floods Swindon with unresolved anxieties

AN overloaded dreamcatcher has released a torrent of nagging anxieties and unsettling erotic scenarios.