Middle class man convinced builders like him

A MIDDLE-CLASS man thinks he has a rapport with the people building his extension.

Huge rise in feeling like shit

MOST of the UK population feels like shit, it has emerged.

Thatcher tribute cuts unveiled

THE government has cut benefits to 80s levels in tribute to Baroness Thatcher.

Government targets most annoying middle class families

DAVID Cameron has pledged to help 120,000 of the most irritating middle class families.

Giant Jaffa Cake could be used to drive people insane

A MASSIVE £7 Jaffa Cake could be used in psychological manipulation, it has been claimed.

The Mash guide to not talking about Thatcher

IT has been 24 hours since the Great Passing and many people are now extremely bored and ready to move on.

Thatcher's grave 'not a nightclub'

THE general public has been warned of the health and safety pitfalls of dancing on Thatcher's grave.

People with no idea who Thatcher was 'ecstatic' that she's dead

THOUSANDS of people under 35 are rejoicing at the demise of a woman they once read about.