Baking craze fuelling trade in illegal cake ingredients

THE current mania for home baking is fuelling a thriving black market in scarce ingredients, it has emerged.

Men growing nasal hair for 'Nosevember'

CHARITY phenomenon Nosevember has launched, with thousands of men grooming their nostril hairs in funny and eccentric ways.

11-11-11 apocalypse coming together perfectly

ECONOMIC collapse, nuclear brinksmanship and an asteroid are signs that tomorrow's end of days is shaping up well, it has been claimed.

Threat of nuclear war 'pleasantly nostalgic'

THE possibility of nuclear conflict in the Middle East has evoked warm fuzzy memories among those who were kids during the Cold War.

Overenthusiastic chimp impersonator rips off man's arm

OFFICE worker Tom Logan tore off a friend's limb after getting too into character during his party-piece primate impression, it has emerged.

Game of Thrones is 'fantasy gateway drug'

THE hugely popular A Game of Thrones books are leading thousands into the desperate squalor of fantasy dependency, it has been claimed.

Liz Jones launches used condom appeal

DAILY Mail experiment Liz Jones has urged men across Britain to send her their used condoms.

Internet weirdos take first step towards running country

BRITAIN'S weird, internet bigots are flocking to the government's E-Petitions site in a bid to make parliament talk about all the things they hate.