Parents being weirdly nice to 16-24 year olds

PARENTS of young adults across Britain have been acting sheepishly this week, it has been confirmed.

Passive-aggressive mum excited to become judgmental nan

A MUM with passive aggressive tendencies has become a nan who will constantly judge her daughter's parenting.

People enjoying themselves really ruining it for everyone

A GROUP talking and laughing in a restaurant is making everyone else's meal a living hell, it has emerged.

Man thinks his job is secure

A MAN believes his job is secure, it has emerged.

Nan started folding t-shirts in shop

A GRANDMOTHER couldn't resist re-folding crumpled t-shirts during a visit to HMV, it has emerged.

Parents helping children get on property twat ladder

A COUPLE are helping their children become annoying property-obsessed twats just like themselves, they have revealed.

'I can't possibly pay more tax', says man with Range Rover and Koi carp pond

A MAN with a large 4x4 and a Koi carp pond in his garden has insisted that paying a penny more in tax will cripple him.

Grown man still telling people what he wants to do when he grows up

A 37- YEAR-OLD man with a mortgage and a child on the way is still telling people what he wants to do when he grows up.