Woman's deeply spiritual lifestyle costs a f**king fortune

A WOMAN committed to finding a deeper meaning in life does so in extreme luxury with numerous trips to exotic places, it has emerged.

Man who put sticker over Apple logo thinks he's anticapitalist hero

A MAN who covered up the logo on his laptop is definitely sticking it to the man, he has confirmed.

Woman thought there would be more to life than sniffing her children's PE kits

A WOMAN who thought adult life would be exciting spends more time smelling things before putting them in the washing machine than she would like.

Stressed woman thinks coffee will make her less stressed

A STRESSED woman is certain that a very strong coffee will make her feel more relaxed.

Woman thrilled to be described as 'low-maintenance'

A WOMAN is overjoyed at being described as 'low-maintenance'.

London-fleeing twats meet to decide which towns to ruin next

A GROUP of high-ranking London twats has met to discuss which provincial towns they can move to and ruin.

Man who ate three reduced-price Easter eggs looking at it as some sort of achievement

A MAN is oddly proud of himself after eating three reduced priced Easter Eggs in just over an hour.

Mum apparently on mission to find most unsuitable place to take a baby

A WOMAN has apparently taken it upon herself to find the most inappropriate places possible to take a baby, it has been confirmed.