Teacher Ad Banned For Claiming There Would Be Banter

AN advert suggesting teachers can engage in playful banter with friendly children has been banned by the advertising watchdog.

Tucker was cheeky, but he wasn't an arsehole

The Advertising Standards Authority said the commercial, which shows a teacher and pupil enjoying a footballing rivalry, could mislead viewers into believing children were not filled to the brim with malice.

Martin Bishop, a 32 year-old teacher from Harrogate, said: "In reality a student like that would come into my classroom on a Monday morning and call me a prick.

"He'd then claim to have spent the weekend rubbing my wife's 'poo-nanny' before quoting chapter and verse from the European directive which prevents me from beating him with a stick.

"And if I attempted to punish him with detention I would be rewarded with a visit from his dangerously unhinged father, or he would simply go to the police and accuse me of touching him in the balls."

Last year the ASA banned an advert which suggested teenagers were able to construct whole sentences and demonstrate an interest in anything other than themselves.

Mr Bishop added: "If I may suggest an alternative slogan, how about: 'Get paid 21 grand a year to work with fuckers – we will never sack you'."