US sitcoms ‘pressurising women into kookiness’

A GLUT of kooky female sitcom characters is putting women under pressure to be pixie-like, it has been claimed.

It's not a phone - it's a BANANA!

American series like New Girl, 2 Broke Girls and the other one about a bitch in a flat emphasise quirky, beguiling female behaviour.

Kookologist Dr Helen Archer said: “Thanks to television, many young women feel obliged to deliver off-centre zingers in response to even mundane questions like ‘Where’s the butter?’

“They feel they aren’t neurotic enough, they don’t have a trademark haircut and that they lack odd character tics like an obsession with old gramophones.”

Office manager Emma Bradford said: “It’s hard to balance the expected sitcom-standard levels of elfin ditziness with the demands of working life.

“Last week I was suspended for riding a vintage push bike into a meeting, crashing it into the manager then watching a cloud of parakeets fly out of the basket.”

Dr Archer said: “Woman shouldn’t have to be kooky. Sassy is fine.”