Teenage Boys Welcome ‘Scandinavian-Style’ Education

TEENAGE boys across the country were applauding the Liberal Democrats last night after they pledged to introduce Scandinavian teaching methods to the Scottish education system.

Miss! miss! pick me! pick me!

Boys aged 11 to 16 are now anticipating text books and lesson plans based on blonde ladies, extreme friendliness and a refreshingly different attitude to clothes.

Lib Dem leader Nicol Stephen said: "Scandinavia offers much that is attractive and I am, after all, just a man like any other, except perhaps Nora Radcliffe."

Jason Black, 14, from Eyemouth, said: "I don't know that much about Scandinavia, but what I do know sounds totally brilliant."

His friend, Kyle Davidson, also 14, added: "Totally brilliant. Totally, totally brilliant."