The Mash guide to Labour’s leadership challengers

WHO are the men and women hoping to be loathed slightly less than David Cameron?

Voters to get WW2-style propaganda

BRITONS are to receive crude 1940s-style propaganda from the Conservative party.

My wife makes all my t-shirts, says Cameron

The prime minister has confirmed that all his t-shirts are ethically manufactured by his wife.

Labour pledges new way of treating Scotland with utter contempt

THE Labour party has pledged to renew its unbridled contempt for Scottish voters.

Jogger 'stable' after brushing against toxic amphibian

THE jogger who triggered David Cameron’s poison glands is being cared for at home by relatives.

Government cracks down on internet sarcasm

JUSTICE minister Chris Grayling has announced tough new penalties for individuals using sarcasm online.

Ed Miliband is unpaid intern

LABOUR leader Ed Miliband is still technically on work experience and has yet to receive a wage.

UKIP attracting Labour voters who are fed up and stupid

UKIP is attracting thousands of Labour voters who have rejected mainstream politics and basic intelligence.