Livingstone publishes list of all the people he should have killed when he was mayor

KEN Livingstone has claimed Britain would be a much better place if he had killed all the people on his hit list when he had the chance.

Vince Cable to appeal to young people by voting for Jeremy Corbyn

VINCE Cable has unveiled plans to appeal to younger voters by saying he is going to vote for Jeremy Corbyn too.

Theresa May spends holiday planning next disaster

THE prime minister has confirmed that she is spending her three-week walking holiday trying to come up with something even more ruinous than her last terrible idea.

Hardcore Remainers become equally unbearable

DIE-HARD Remain supporters have become just as hellish and unbearable as their Brexit counterparts, it has emerged.

Naive man thinks Tories care about things

A MAN takes Tory proposals that are obviously just public relations exercises completely at face value, it has emerged.  

Corbyn attacks media for accurately representing his views on Brexit

JEREMY Corbyn has criticised the media for taking his remarks about the UK and the single market entirely in context.

Corbyn trying to return to cult following 

JEREMY Corbyn is releasing increasingly difficult material to reduce his fanbase to before he was successful.

Jacob Rees-Mogg and David Davis to decide Tory leadership race with cannons

JACOB Rees-Mogg and David Davis will decide the Tory leadership contest by firing 19th Century cannons at each other outside Parliament.