May must reveal Brexit plan so I can agree with it, says Corbyn

JEREMY Corbyn has demanded that the prime minister reveal details of her Brexit plan so he can offer no opposition.

Hunt suggests 'medicine banks'

JEREMY Hunt has proposed food bank-style 'medicine banks' where people can donate unwanted and possibly out-of-date medicines.

Brexiters still expecting clarity from gang of absolute shysters

BREXIT voters are still expecting clarity from a gang of absolute shysters you couldn't trust to do fucking anything, it has emerged.

Corbyn remembers to go back to work after Christmas

JEREMY Corbyn’s wife has reminded him he is leader of the opposition and suggested he returns to work.

Cereal boxes to run 'Brexit means...' competition

CEREAL boxes are to run a competition to finish the sentence 'Brexit means…what?', it has emerged.

May's New Year's resolution is to have one successful policy

THE prime minister has resolved that 2017 will be a year when she proposes and gets voted through Parliament a single successful policy.

May confirms Brexit is now a religious cult

BREXIT is now a religious cult based on wishful thinking and strange predictions, Theresa May has confirmed.

Right to have government read our emails cruelly snatched away by EU

THE cherished British right for government spies to have full access to our emails has been snatched away by the despotic European Court.