Corbyn and the Queen discover they are both into The Jam

ALL tensions between Jeremy Corbyn and the Queen have been resolved with the discovery they are both massive fans of The Jam.

Corbyn disrespects Tupac

JEREMY Corbyn has disrespected the late rapper Tupac Shakur, it has emerged.

Osborne perfects smirk

GEORGE Osborne has been hailed as the greatest smirker in history.

Tory MP manages to say ‘tampon’ without giggling

A CONSERVATIVE MP has been praised for saying the word ‘tampon’ without turning red and falling over.

House of Lords told to be either more, or possibly less, democratic

THE government has urged the House of Lords to act less democratically, or possibly more so.

Osborne confident poor families won’t notice losing £230 a month

THE chancellor is confident that poor families will not realise that cuts to tax credits have drastically reduced their income.

Corbyn faces party split over lunch order

JEREMY Corbyn faced fresh humiliation yesterday after 35 MPs had a different lunch to him.

Pro-Europe campaign is just photo of Farage

THE campaign to keep Britain in the EU is just a photo of Nigel Farage drinking some beer.