Farage campaigning to rejoin EU just to be a pain in the arse

NIGEL Farage is campaigning against Brexit just to be a total pain in the arse.

Hunt to replace foreign doctors with 'the internet'

JEREMY Hunt has confirmed plans to replace foreign doctors with the internet.

Britain begins smart, logical process of teaching bloody foreigners a lesson

BRITAIN is to begin the considered and politically astute process of giving those sodding foreigners what for.

Can we please hurry up and commit economic suicide? ask Brexit Tories

PRO-Brexit Tories have begged Theresa May to trigger the device that would blow Britain's economic brains out.

Labour outlines new Hugely Popular With Voters TBC policy

LABOUR has outlined a new policy which will to appeal to broad swathes of the electorate, the details of which have yet to be confirmed.

New Labour leader to bring fresh energy and ideas to troubled party

LABOUR's new leader has been hailed as an exciting step forward for the party.

Corbyn announces decommissioning of Labour Party

JEREMY Corbyn has announced that, following his re-election, the Labour party is to be dismantled and put into storage.

May appoints Minister for Contradicting Brexit Ministers

THERESA May has created a Cabinet post specifically charged with denying all statements by the ministers in charge of Brexit.