Cameron being hassled by Thatcher’s ghost

DAVID Cameron has told close friends he is being continually hassled by the ghost of Margaret Thatcher.

Miliband’s pledge: 'I will really try not to completely f**k Britain'

ED Miliband has pledged that a Labour government will try really hard not to fuck everything up.

Cameron sets out Tory dream of grateful minions with nice big tellies

DAVID Cameron has set out the ‘Conservative dream’ of a society of hard-working drones who love television more than life itself.

The Mash guide to Ed Miliband’s ex-girlfriends

ED MILIBAND’S former girlfriends are the key issue swaying floating voters in the general election. But who are the ex-lovers of this goggle-eyed North London pervert?

Cameron realising Britain just really hated Gordon Brown

DAVID Cameron is finally realising he only became prime minister because Britain could not stand another second of Gordon Brown.

Man violently opposed to EU because of problems with women

A MAN is opposed to the European Union because it has turned women into feminists who will not go out with him.

Blair backing Miliband 'absolutely 14 per cent'

TONY Blair has given his unequivocal, 14 per cent backing to Ed Miliband.

Cameron caught on tape calling lamb a bigot

DAVID Cameron has apologised after being caught on tape describing a lamb he had just fed as 'bigoted'.