Corbyn looks back on best-ever year of jam making

JEREMY Corbyn has congratulated himself on a year in which he delivered outstanding home-made preserves.

May orders large consignment of Dalmatians

A VANLOAD of Dalmatians was delivered in secret to Downing Street, it has emerged.

May to explain Brexit with interpretative dance

THERESA May has promised to give a full and clear explanation of her Brexit plan in the form of a modern dance routine.

What sort of Brexit are you?

DO YOU want a hard Brexit, a soft Brexit, or a mega Brexit with extra mushrooms? Take our quiz to find out.

Government unveils surefire ‘privatisation’ solution to trains being f**ked

THE transport secretary is to solve Britain's rail problems using a foolproof strategy called 'more privatisation'.

Lib Dems to get website

THE Liberal Democrats have confirmed plans to get a relative to set up a website for them.

Labelling half the country whinging Remoaner twats not politically popular, discovers May

THE shock Richmond byelection result might be related to calling half of UK voters losers who should shut their traitor mouths forever, Conservative sources believe.

Hipster politician thinks Article 49 is really underrated

A HIPSTER politician has claimed that Article 49 of the Lisbon Treaty is actually a lot better than Article 50.