Miliband nasty bad man

ED Miliband is a bad, nasty thing so you no vote for him.

Cameron seen leaving Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown’s house

DAVID Cameron has been spotted leaving the home of popular ribald comic Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown in the early hours of the morning.

The Mash guide to the Miliband stumble

WHEN Ed Miliband stumbled on his dismount from the Question Time podium last night, he threw away Labour's election hopes.

Cameron offers to postpone General Election until 2020

The Prime Minister has offered to delay the general election for five years to give voters chance to make up their minds.

Young people not giving a shit about 'Milibrand'

BRITAIN’S under-25s said Ed Miliband’s attempt to connect with them via Russell Brand is wrong in every possible way.

Lib Dem whistleblower reveals Tories not huge fans of welfare state

A SENIOR Lib Dem has revealed the Tories do not like welfare spending and want to cut it.

Tax pledge part of Cameron's plan to get sent to prison

DAVID Cameron is to make tax rises illegal so he can get sent to prison and make contacts in the underworld.

Miliband at Russell Brand’s house for weekly séance

ED Miliband attends a weekly seance at the home of Russell Brand, it has emerged.