Stress turning Osborne into Rowan Atkinson

GEORGE Osborne is being turned into Rowan Atkinson by the stress of Brexit, it has been confirmed.

Britons slam government for letting them vote

MILLIONS of Britons are furious that they were allowed to vote on leaving the EU, they have announced.

Corbyn denies rumour that he is leader of the Labour Party

JEREMY Corbyn has denied 'malicious' claims that he is leader of the Labour Party.

‘Well, I f**ked that up, didn’t I?’’ says Cameron

DAVID Cameron has confirmed that he well and truly fucked that up.

You have made this man happy

YOU are responsible for the overwhelming happiness of this man, Britain has been told.

Referendum includes ‘what your mates think’ option

THE referendum ballot paper includes an option for voters whose priority is not upsetting their friends, officials have explained.

Britain in historic vote that only a handful of twats wanted in the first place

BRITAIN faces a tumultuous decision today because of a relatively small number of annoying, obsessive twats, experts have confirmed.

Local man to front 'Don't Know' campaign

FATHER-OF-TWO Tom Logan is to front the 'Don't Know' campaign, it has emerged.