New Labour leader to bring fresh energy and ideas to troubled party

LABOUR's new leader has been hailed as an exciting step forward for the party.

Corbyn announces decommissioning of Labour Party

JEREMY Corbyn has announced that, following his re-election, the Labour party is to be dismantled and put into storage.

May appoints Minister for Contradicting Brexit Ministers

THERESA May has created a Cabinet post specifically charged with denying all statements by the ministers in charge of Brexit.

‘I really enjoyed that,’ says Jeremy Corbyn

JEREMY Corbyn has told friends that he really enjoyed his second leadership contest in 12 months and suggested they do one every year.

Anyone Tories don’t like to be forced to declare their income

PROFESSIONS and organisations unpopular with the Conservatives must declare their income to foster greater envy and loathing.

UKIP leader’s favourite fictional hero is Michael Myers from ‘Halloween’

DIANE James, the new leader of UKIP has named Halloween psychopath Michael Myers as her all-time favourite fictional hero.

New UKIP leader vows to think of something for UKIP to do

DIANE James, the new leader of UKIP, has promised to come up with a reason for the party’s existence before 2017.

‘I never liked the South anyway’, claims Osborne

FORMER chancellor George Osborne believes he is the perfect choice to chair the Northern Powerhouse because he detests the South and its people.