World War II 'Illegal', Says Cameron

DAVID Cameron was facing the wrath of veterans' groups last night after claiming the Second World War was illegal.

Cameron To Launch 'Wide Society'

PRIME minister David Cameron will today set out his vision of a 'wide society' where everyone has plenty of room to move from side to side.

Cameron Beginning To Realise Exactly Who He's In Charge Of

PRIME minister David Cameron was on the brink of resignation last night after finally realising what British people are actually like.

Hang On, I'll Start Again, Says Gove

MICHAEL Gove has asked everyone to give him a minute while he starts his entire political career again from scratch.

Court Upholds Right To Dismantle Boris Johnson

WESTMINSTER Council have successfully applied for an injunction allowing the dismantling and removal of Boris Johnson.

How The Budget Will Affect Your Pointless, Money-Obsessed Life

The Daily Mash has crunched the numbers on yesterday's Budget to work out how it will affect your ability to buy all that stupid shit your television keeps telling you that you need.

Osborne To Sack Coventry

CHANCELLOR George Osborne is to throw everyone in Coventry out of work after a brilliant suggestion from Harriet Harman.

Spend All The Money On Me, Everyone Tells Osborne

PUBLIC spending should be cut on everything except all the stuff I use, everyone in Britain said today.