Spite is main reason people support Conservatives

TORY voters are motivated mostly by spite, it has been claimed.

I have a ten-second memory, Pickles repeatedly tells press

ERIC Pickles has admitted his memory only goes back a fraction of a minute.

Crow and Johnson 'will succumb to sexual tension'

BOB Crow and Boris Johnson will soon succumb to the sexual tension between them, according to ACAS.

I had sex with a woman, says Miliband

LABOUR leader Ed Miliband has claimed to have done it with a girl.

Labour leadership reform 'will prevent Milibands'

LABOUR is to change the way it elects its leader in the hope it will result in the election of a leader.

Recession preferable to smug Osborne

GRINDING financial hardship is preferable to seeing George Osborne looking pleased with himself, Britons have decided.

Tony Blair just won't f*ck off

FORMER Prime Minister Tony Blair is stubbornly refusing to let Britain move on.

World Economic Forum agrees Pringles too expensive

THE World Economic Forum is meeting in Davos to discuss what can be done about the rising cost of Pringles.