Iain Duncan Smith gives speech by headbutting podium in Morse code

IAIN Duncan Smith has delivered a major speech on Europe by repeatedly headbutting a wooden podium. 

Massive wolf coming to eat all our sheep, warns Cameron

BRITAIN'S flocks are at risk of being devastated by an enormous wolf, David Cameron has warned.

Zac Goldsmith has lavish, multi-million pound tantrum

A FURIOUS Zac Goldsmith is throwing gold bars through 90-inch televisions, it has been confirmed.

Can we kill Corbyn yet? asks knife-wielding mob of Labour MPs

MODERATE Labour MPs wielding knives are asking if Labour’s results are bad enough to slaughter Jeremy Corbyn.

Zac Goldsmith refusing to come out of toilet

TORY London mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith has locked himself in a toilet with a book of Latin poetry and some truffles.

Britons set out for historic vote on Europe before realising they’ve got the wrong day

VOTERS are heading to polling stations to decide if the nation will stay in the EU, before discovering that one is next month.

That Schindler was a meddling do-gooder, say Tories

RESCUING child refugees is the sort of sentimental nonsense that belongs in films, senior Tories have confirmed.

Obama stole my bike, claims Boris

BORIS Johnson has escalated his war on Barack Obama by claiming the US President stole his bike.