UK thanks Russell Brand

THAT not-voting thing has worked out brilliantly, Britain has told Russell Brand.

UKIP councillors told they can't withdraw Doncaster from EU

NEWLY elected UKIP councillors across the country are ready to be wholly powerless to act on immigration and EU membership.

Britain wondering what weak-willed, power-hungry Conservative Party will do now

BRITAIN is wondering what impact UKIP’s electoral success could possibly have on the Conservative Party.

Voters do walk of shame

BRITISH voters have woken up this morning mortified about what they got up to at yesterday's elections.

‘Socialist’ now an insult

RIGHT-WING people are making the term ‘socialist’ into a scathing insult, it has emerged.

Nigel Farage's guide to voting UKIP

GOOD morning and congratulations on making the best decision of your life - you’re going to vote UKIP.

I only eat Wagon Wheels, says Miliband

ED Miliband has confirmed his shopping bill is only £80 a week because he just eats Wagon Wheels.

Government denies Buy A Massive House Free Money Woo Yeah! scheme is a stupid idea

FIRST-TIME buyers can now borrow unlimited money to buy a castle, George Osborne has confirmed.