Queen's Speech delivered with heavy sarcasm

HER Majesty Queen Elizabeth II delivered her speech to Parliament while rolling her eyes and sighing theatrically.

Clegg and Cameron had fingers crossed

THE last two years of government don’t count because the coalition didn’t ‘Simon says’, according to David Cameron.

Cameron punches a tramp

DAVID Cameron rounded off his spirited performance in the Commons yesterday by smacking a vagrant in the throat.

Miliband definitely weird, says cast of Room With a View

ED Miliband is a definitely an oddball, according to most of the people who were in Room With a View.

Michael Gove 'surprisingly strong'

EDUCATION secretary Michael Gove has a surprising amount of upper body strength, it has emerged.

Government right about fuel shortage

GOVERNMENT warnings of a fuel shortage have proved to be uncannily accurate.

Cameron inundated with offers for ten second meetings

DAVID Cameron's aides have spent the day fielding thousands of offers to buy ten seconds alone with him.

Burden should fall on those with the most character, says Osborne

OLD people must bear the burden of the top rate tax cut because they are so good at it, George Osborne has insisted.