Corbyn-Abbott affair 'was magnificently 70s'

THE affair between Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott was the most 70s thing that happened in the 70s, it has been claimed.

Corbyn's silent walk to become 18-hour arthouse movie

JEREMY Corbyn's two-minute silent walk, as shown on Sky News, is to be expanded into an 18-hour black-and-white experimental film.

Man who got elected ‘definitely unelectable’

A MAN who defied expectations to get elected definitely could not win an election, it has been confirmed.

#Tories4Corbyn not quitting now

THE #Tories4Corbyn campaign has greeted its candidate’s victory by vowing to back him all the way to the general election.

Corbyn takes to stage in black leather uniform

NEW Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has given his acceptance speech dressed in a black leather uniform while flanked by armed henchmen.

Corbyn has last supper with disciples

JEREMY Corbyn has held a small gathering with 12 of his closest supporters ahead of his crucifixion on Sunday evening.

Corbynmania 'so last August'

JEREMY Corbyn has been deserted in droves by young Labour fans bored of his radical beard thing.

Farage pledges traditionally xenophobic EU campaign

UKIP’S EU referendum campaign will feature proper British xenophobia and classic, ad-libbed racism, Nigel Farage has promised.