Cameron not avoiding pathetic end to political career

DAVID Cameron has chosen to avoid an £80,000 tax bill instead of a shabby and humiliating end to his career.

Corbyn finally enjoying his job

JEREMY Corbyn is finally starting to like being Labour leader.

And also there’s the cash from the smack trade, says Cameron

THE prime minister has admitted making £80,000 from importing heroin but that it ended well before the 2010 election.

Cameron's son old enough for 'the tax chat'

DAVID Cameron’s son Arthur is grown-up enough for a fatherly chat about offshore holdings, it has emerged.

IDS to experiment with other human emotions

AFTER successfully crying over a sad thing, Iain Duncan Smith has announced plans to try other human emotions.

‘Hey, remember that pig?’ asks Cameron

DAVID Cameron would prefer if Britain went back to talking about his romantic liaison with a dead pig.

Farage still spouting shit, in case you were wondering

NIGEL Farage is still out there, talking a lot of shit, Britain has been reminded.

Being completely dependent on China for everything ‘fine’

THE business secretary has confirmed that being dependent on China for steel, energy and all other products is a flawless long-term plan.