Cameron launches Little Society

DAVID Cameron has unveiled his vision for the Little Society, consisting of the residents of Chipping Norton.

Plebgate 'could go all the way to the top of nothing'

AN alleged conspiracy to unseat former chief whip Andrew Mitchell could go right to the heart of absolutely nothing, it has emerged.

Osborne to blame everything on time machine

GEORGE Osborne will today blame Britain's economic woes on a time-travelling politician from the year 2044.

Boris demands fantasy version of EU

NOVELTY mayor Boris Johnson has demanded a version of the European Union that came to him in a dream.

Nigel Farage 'comic creation that got out of hand'

UKIP leader 'Nigel Farage' is a fictional parody of a raving idiot, it has emerged.

Obama regrets promising new Game of Thrones book

PRESIDENT Obama made a number of rash, personalised promises to voters, it has emerged.