Mensch continues to create unusual stirrings

LOUISE Mensch has become the number one cause of odd, conflicted stirrings among Guardian readers, according to a new poll.

Boris not liking this job anymore

DAILY Telegraph columnist Boris Johnson does not like being mayor of London anymore, it has been confirmed.

Miliband nervous breakdown starts early

ED Miliband has begun his mental collapse more than three months ahead of schedule.

Public school ponce acts pretty ballsy

DAVID Cameron showed an unexpected level of front by calling out 200,000 heavily-armed killers yesterday.

Osborne to ring-fence part of your brain

GEORGE Osborne is to ring-fence the part of your brain that does not want to spend money on loads of stuff.

Thatcher agrees to meet Palin if she can hit her with a stick

BARONESS Thatcher has agreed to meet Sarah Palin if she can whack her with a big stick every time she says something stupid.

Cuts attacked by people who think they are a bad idea

THE debate over government cutbacks took a dramatic turn last night after they were attacked by some people who have never liked them.

MPs debate whether that Imogen is just a gold digger or what

THE House of Commons has staged a landmark debate on whether that Imogen Thomas knew what she was doing all along, so she did.