Labour rejects votes from people who can't pronounce ‘quinoa’

LABOUR has rejected thousands of leadership votes from people who are insufficiently aspirational.

Corbyn actually just very keen on the 80s

'RADICAL' Jeremy Corbyn is actually just an 80s obsessive who wants to change Starbust back to Opal Fruits, it has emerged.

Brown explains how to win friends and influence people

FORMER prime minister Gordon Brown has explained his personal formula for making people like you and winning elections.

‘I’ll wear a tie when you wrap it around my cold, dead neck’, says Corbyn

JEREMY Corbyn will never wear a tie as long as there is breath in his body, he has confirmed.

Party founded by Keir Hardie ‘being infiltrated by socialists’

A BRITISH political party, founded over 100 years ago by socialists is ‘being infiltrated by socialists’, it has been claimed.

Liz Kendall losing faith in aspiration

LABOUR leadership candidate Liz Kendall is beginning to wonder if aspiration is less effective than she had thought.

Corbyn campaign ad is 14th Century folk play

JEREMY Corbyn has produced a leadership campaign advert in the form of a 14th Century folk play.

Corbyn thing actually happening

THIS whole Jeremy Corbyn thing is really happening, it has emerged.