You definitely voted to lose £66 billion a year, May tells Britain

THE prime minister has told Britain it knew full well it was voting to shrink its economy between 5 and 10 per cent, so no further debate is required.

Tories urged to publish list of their idiot time wasters

THE Conservative Party has been urged to publish a list of its most useless and idiotic politicians whose ideas can safely be ignored.

Brexiters delighted with their childlike plans for the economy

BREXIT supporters want everyone to see the colourful drawings they have done of Britain's economic future.

Things probably shit enough to make me look okay, reckons Blair

TONY Blair believes there may be a role for him in UK politics as long as things remain shit enough to detract from his faults.

Correct deckchair placement could have saved the Titanic, says Corbyn

JEREMY Corbyn has argued that if deckchairs on the Titanic had been properly arranged it would have successfully completed its journey.

UKIP now Britain’s natural party of government

UKIP is now so pathologically f**ked up it has become Britain’s natural party of government, experts have confirmed.

I still might be shit at this, says Theresa May

THERESA May confessed to the Conservative party conference that she could well be dreadful at her job but there is only one way to find out.

Farage campaigning to rejoin EU just to be a pain in the arse

NIGEL Farage is campaigning against Brexit just to be a total pain in the arse.