‘I never liked the South anyway’, claims Osborne

FORMER chancellor George Osborne believes he is the perfect choice to chair the Northern Powerhouse because he detests the South and its people.

Corbyn and Osborne to share constituency with hilarious results

JEREMY Corbyn and George Osborne are to share a constituency in a sitcom-style ‘odd couple’ scenario.

But there was, you know, says Samantha Cameron reassuringly

SAMANTHA Cameron is struggling to reassure her husband that he did a great job and everyone does not hate him.

Emily Thornberry shit at pub quiz

SHADOW foreign secretary Emily Thornberry is not an asset to her pub quiz team, it has been claimed.

We’re both shit but he’s a lunatic, says Owen Smith

LABOUR leadership candidate Owen Smith used last night’s BBC hustings to repeat that while both candidates are shit, Jeremy Corbyn is also deranged.

Any policy Michael Gove had anything to do with is f**king cancelled, says May

THERESA May has confirmed that Michael Gove’s prison reform, education policies and canteen pass have all been cancelled with extreme prejudice.

Keith Vaz not going to resign because Labour doesn’t really do that anymore

DISGRACED MP Keith Vaz has refused to resign because that is not how Labour works these days.

Clegg book stuns with revelation that Gove and Osborne are twats

NICK Clegg’s memoir has left the nation reeling with the revelation that Gove and Osborne are a pair of twats.