Hunt perfects ‘shit pizza’ technique

HEALTH secretary Jeremy Hunt has developed a new technique for burying catastrophic news with disastrous opinions.

Just replace the basil with bits of Jeremy Hunt's brain

Hunt has adapted the ‘criticism sandwich’, used by dreary managers to bury critiques of inconsequential workers during inane personal development meetings, to create a two-tier approach in which both sections are utterly unappetising.

According to Hunt the ‘shit pizza’ can have a variety of awful toppings which, when scraped away, reveal something equally vile underneath.

He  said: “I like to combine a thin, crispy base of removing palliative care for the elderly covered with a generous topping of basically calling for abortion to be banned.

“I’m currently working on reducing the number of out-of-hours GPs to three, combined with one of my deliciously gooey endorsements of homeopathy.”

Chancellor George Osborne, a huge admirer of Hunts, has also adopted the technique by ruling out a tax on the massive houses of those who caused the economic collapse, while simultaneously taking another £10bn away from poor people who cannot get jobs.

A Treasury spokesman said: “We’re trying to create a quattro formaggio by adding some new way of destroying what’s left of the pensions industry and a tax on cheese.”