Miliband definitely weird, says cast of Room With a View

ED Miliband is a definitely an oddball, according to most of the people who were in Room With a View.

Dame Judi Dench thinks he's not very left wing. Fascinating.

As Helena Bonham-Carter revealed that she thinks of David Cameron as her on-screen brother Freddy Honeychurch, Labour confirmed that Mr Miliband has been friends with rest of the Merchant-Ivory ensemble for more than 20 years.

But Julian Sands, who found fame as George Emerson, said: “You know how in Room With a View I play this total weirdo?

“Well, in real life Ed Miliband is a bit like that, except he can’t climb trees or play tennis.”

Meanhwile, Daniel Day Lewis disagreed, adding: “He’s more like my character, Cecil Vyse, poncing about like a total fanny.

“If you want to know what Ed Miliband is like away from the TV cameras, then imagine Cecil trying to kick a football.”

Dame Maggie Smith said: “He reminds me of my character, Cousin Charlotte, determined to interfere with everything and being permanently offended.”

And Simon Callow, who played the Reverend Mr Bebe, added: “Every time we go for our New Year’s Day walk Ed always wants me and Julian to join him for a naked splash fight in a freezing, filthy pond.

“How fucking weird is that?”