Man who believes in traditional gender roles wearing pink shirt

AN 'old fashioned' man with strict beliefs about how the sexes should behave also enjoys wearing pink shirts.

Trump and Kim bond over shared loathing of their subjects

THE Trump-Kim meeting mainly focused on what utter dicks the people they govern are.

Can your nukes reach Canada? Trump asks Kim

PRESIDENT Trump has asked Kim Jong-un to join his war against the dangerous, out-of-control liberal democracy of Canada. 

Middle-aged woman thrilled to be offered cocaine at gig

A 47-YEAR-OLD woman has confessed that being offered cocaine at a gig has made her feel like a teenager again.

Woman a bit rough, other women confirm

SOME women have confirmed that another woman is 'a bit rough'.

Teenager trapped in dad band jam session

A TEENAGER who thought he was just going around to see his friend has ended up trapped in a dad band jam session that may never end.

Nobody sure why men showing their ankles

THERE is widespread confusion over men's decision to start displaying their ankles, it has emerged.

Pub fruit machine dreamt of being vending machine in leisure centre

A FRUIT machine in a Hull pub never wanted to end up like this, it has admitted.