Carnivores happy to try vegan recipes as long as main ingredient is a vegan

CARNIVORES have confirmed that they are willing to try any recipe that includes a vegan.

Google Translate hasn’t got a f**king clue what to do with mother's passive aggressive texts

GOOGLE has admitted its translation service has no idea how to decipher a mother's tone in her latest series of messages.

Fergie sprog to marry some spiv

ONE of Fergie’s kids, the one with the slightly vacant expression, is to marry a spiv, apparently.

Boyfriends really like being cold and want girlfriends to have all the duvet

BOYFRIENDS are more than happy to sleep without a duvet and enjoy being absolutely freezing every night, it has been confirmed.

Man who can’t spell basic words demands you take his opinions seriously

A MAN who constantly posts his opinions on the internet does not seem to realise his spelling undermines his credibility.

5 diets guaranteed to make you unspeakably tedious!

Do you want to become a fit, thin, dreadful twat? Here are a few popular ways to lose weight and the will to live in just a few weeks!

Woman goes on mini break while her husband has a shit

A WOMAN is enjoying a long weekend in Barcelona while her husband does his morning shit.

Parents encouraging kids to do difficult hobbies so they can laugh at them

PARENTS are urging their children to learn difficult hobbies so they can laugh at their pathetic efforts, it has emerged.