World Cup stadiums still full of street gangs

MANY of Brazil’s World Cup stadiums are still rife with poverty, stray dogs and ruthless street gangs, it has emerged.

Wiggins ‘could win Tour de France if he just goes faster than everyone else’

SIR Bradley Wiggins has been told he can win the Tour de France again as long he manages to ride his bike faster than all the other cyclists.

Zoos unveil World Cup-predicting animals

ZOOKEEPERS have revealed the 400 animals which will predict the results of this year’s World Cup.

Groves really looking forward to fighting Froch

DESPITE a headache and some odd facial bruises, George Groves is excited about his super-middleweight title fight against Carl Froch.

England team will sing national anthem if it's Labrinth

THE England football squad have agreed to sing the national anthem before World Cup matches if it's changed to Earthquake by Labrinth.

2026 Mongo World Cup triggers controversy

FIFA has promised an investigation into the successful 2026 World Cup bid by the planet Mongo.

World Cup still hasn’t started

FOOTBALL fans have been left confused and angry after it was revealed that Brazil 2014 has still not begun.

Mourinho berates refereeing at Chelsea Flower Show

JOSE Mourinho has queried the quality of officiating at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show after his foxglove-dominated garden came second.