Kick football out of racism campaign launched

CAMPAIGNERS are demanding that footballers stop dragging their overpaid pastime into their bigotry.

People paying to watch football

YOU have to pay to get into football matches, according to new research.

Rooney 'still has hunger'

WAYNE Rooney has hit back at criticism of modern English footballers, saying he still has a massive appetite.

Anfield to be biggest stadium in Championship

LIVERPOOL'S redeveloped ground will have the largest capacity in the second tier, it has emerged.

Twitter tells footballers to piss off

TWITTER has told the hundreds of professional footballers on the site to piss up a rope.

Armstrong taking mushrooms

LANCE Armstrong has graduated from performance enhancing drugs to powerful hallucinogens, it has emerged.

Mass demonstrations in support of Ashley Cole

ALL police leave has been cancelled this weekend ahead of mass demonstrations in support of Chelsea defender Ashley Cole.

Hodgson apologises for claiming Earth is round

ROY Hodgson has said sorry for claiming the world is not flat.