Every team that sacked its manager wins the league

THE Premier League title has been jointly won by every club that had the courage to sack its manager mid-season.

New league structure to include fictional football teams

THE new football league structure will see established clubs playing hypothetical matches against some of Britain’s favourite fictional teams.

Sports journalists urge calm about the new Maradona

FOOTBALL hacks have cautioned against over-hyping James Wilson, probably the most brilliant footballer of this or any generation.

Liverpool regret leaving Crystal Palace game early to beat traffic

BRENDAN Rodgers has admitted that allowing his team to leave Selhurst Park after 79 minutes to avoid traffic was a mistake.

City to pay UEFA fine with Fernandinho and Jesus Navas

MANCHESTER City have offered two players to UEFA as office administrators, in payment for their £49m fine.

Hodgson 'has already chosen scapegoat'

ROY Hodgson has already decided who is to blame for England's World Cup exit.

Arsene Wenger focusing on Panini sticker album

ARSENAL’S manager has told the club that his World Cup 2014 Brasil sticker collection takes priority over the FA Cup and Champions League.

Stephen Hendry to go outside

SNOOKER legend Stephen Hendry has revealed plans to venture outdoors for the first time in his adult life.