England to keep doing cricket

DESPITE overwhelming evidence that it just isn't for them, England are still persisting with cricket.

British men in Barcelona shirts hoping you'll ask

THE PUBLIC has been warned not to approach men wearing Barcelona shirts who clearly have no ethnic affiliation to the Catalan region.

Poyet criticises critics’ criticisms

SUNDERLAND manager Gus Poyet has hit out at journalists hitting out at him.

Wales beaten at rugby by country that doesn't even like it

WALES is in turmoil after being beaten at rugby by a country that is indifferent to the sport.

England team psychologist to deal mainly with John Terry-based nightmares

THE England football team’s new psychologist will focus on helping players recover from nightmares about John Terry.

Mordor Grand Prix announced

BERNIE Ecclestone has struck a deal to take Formula One to the land of Mordor, where the shadows lie.

Pardew headbutt 'at odds with bland character'

NEWCASTLE boss Alan Pardew's headbutt on a Hull player was out of keeping with his unexciting personality, it has been claimed.

Northerners patronise even further Northerners

MANCHESTER City fans have told Sunderland they put on a jolly good show yesterday, for peasants.