Allardyce losing wager on being sacked

SAM Allardyce is losing £20,000 a day after spread betting on when he will get fired.

Fan fury as footballer looks up while being abused

THE Football Supporters' Association has complained after a player made eye contact during a chant about his whore mother.

England in elaborate bid to stop cricket coach getting to work

AS appalling England cricket coach Andy Flower vowed to stay on, the country will join forces to stop him reaching his office.

Ashes loss happened too far away to count

ENGLAND'S reported loss to Australia in The Ashes has been discounted because it took place on the other side of the world.

David Beckham 'can't make new memories'

DAVID Beckham has admitted that his tattoos are visual substitutes for his complete lack of any short-term memory.

Fouling Suarez to become legal

THE FA has confirmed that as of 7pm last night, kicking Luis Suarez is no longer a punishable offence.

West Brom pretty sure new manager will solve all their problems

WEST Bromwich Albion are confident that changing manager will transform them into a top four worldwide football club.

I knew this would happen, says Moyes

MANCHESTER United manager David Moyes said the team’s dismal form is the sort of thing that happens to him all the time.