Armstrong taking mushrooms

LANCE Armstrong has graduated from performance enhancing drugs to powerful hallucinogens, it has emerged.

Mass demonstrations in support of Ashley Cole

ALL police leave has been cancelled this weekend ahead of mass demonstrations in support of Chelsea defender Ashley Cole.

Hodgson apologises for claiming Earth is round

ROY Hodgson has said sorry for claiming the world is not flat.

Rory McIlroy 'was psyching himself up in bathroom mirror'

RYDER Cup hero Rory McIlroy was almost late for his match because he was in the middle of an intense, bathroom mirror psyche-up.

Offices celebrate absence of golf bores

WORKPLACES have become far less tedious thanks to Ryder cup-related leave, it has emerged.

Fans seek Terry chant clarification

FOOTBALL fans have asked for guidance on what to call John Terry.

Golfers trash talk pathetic

RYDER Cup golfers have been told to stop doing trash talk because it is pathetic.

England confident of hitting 20 run target

STUART Broad has insisted that England can reduce its runs total to 20 in the Twenty20 finals.