Rooney like Pele, but with prostitutes, says Ferguson

WAYNE Rooney is a white, prostitute-loving version of Pele, Sir Alex Ferguson has claimed.

Bid to keep rugby fans in New Zealand

THERE have been fresh calls to detain Britain's diehard rugby fans in New Zealand for the rest of their lives.

5000m triumph definitely wasn't worth all the pain, says Farah

BRITAIN'S 5000m world champion Mo Farah has admitted that in retrospect he wishes he hadn't bothered.

England to top international hype table

VICTORY over Wales tomorrow will see England confirmed as the team with the most unrealistic set of fans in the world.

Transfer deadline day, with Brian Sewell

AS everybody is surely aware, each February 20th is a dizzying whirl of excitement as the nation’s orchestras jostle to restock their ranks.

Compensation offer to bankrupt English football

ARSENAL fans being given their money back for a dreadful away performance could set a legal precedent that will instantly kill 98 percent of English football.

Manchester definitely better than north London at one thing

MANCHESTER is better than north London at one thing and one thing only, it has been confirmed.

Up yours, BBC tells Ferguson

MATCH of the Day producers have welcomed the opportunity to completely ignore Sir Alex Ferguson.